Sunday, August 2, 2009

From Jackie Schwersinske

It was an awesome trip and I wouldn't trade it for anything it was a pleasure to serve the Lord with you. It was so up lifting to see that I had brothers and sisters that far away from home. I have been so excited to tell any and everyone that I come in contact with that it was the most wonderful and God led mission I have ever been on. Nothing beats spreading and sharing the word of God. Those little faces in India are something I'll never forget. Not to mention that it was wonderful to meet everyone that went with us to serve the Lord. I'll never forget you all.

There was a hymn that I ran across before we left to go to India that I was going to ask Pastor to read it as the trip came to a end but I forgot. This is how it goes:

The time has come, O Lord,
for us to leave this place
Guide us and protect us
and lead us in Thy grace.

Where-ever life may take us
as we go are separate ways
Help us to share with others
the Word we shared today.

May the peace of God the Father
and the love of Christ His Son
Guide us in the days ahead
and strengthen us each one.

May the blessings of the spirit
fill us from within
God bless us and return us
to this fellowship once again. Amen

Your Christian Sister always,
Jackie Schwersinske

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Leonard said...

God does not always reveal his purpose for what happens right away but when we look back we see His hand at work in our lives and well as others. Always be patient.
Thank you for sharing your feelings of your mission trip to India.
God Bless you.