Friday, July 17, 2009

Four Days of Travel

All is well in has been a very busy four days of traveling. We made it to the CLCI orphanage where they had a big welcome celebration for us last night.

Today the 12 of us will split into three teams. We leave one team here at the CLCI orphanage. I will accompany the 2nd team to a location about 3 hours south of where we are at now. And my team will travel 6-7 hours to the location where we will begin our work.

Everyone is healthy and safe.

The blog will be updated with journal entries from some of the Mission Helpers soon.

In Christ,
Pastor O.

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Raju said...

We are praying for:
Pastor Todd Ohlmann
Missionary Matthew Ude
Peter Evensen
Dorena Wiechmann
Katie Wiechmann
Pastor Frank Gantt
Stephen Eichstadt
Mike Naumann
Josh Ohlmann
Jackie Schwersinske
Johanna Reim
Carly Meyer and for those who are involving and supporting the team.

God will protect in your every move.

-Himalayan Church of Lutheran Confession