Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Jackie Schwersinske

This has been a real adventure this week. We have a devotion everyday before we begin our day so we know that the Lord is directing every step. As we walk thru the day I see the Lord at work.

Us girls sat in on one of the teaching session one of the days where all these young Pastors are so eager to be taught. As Pastor was teaching I could feel the Lord's presence very strongly...I know He is here. I look for Him daily and see Him at work every where we preach and teach. I thank the Lord for giving me strength to teach His word.

The children are wonderful to teach. They welcome us where ever we go in Jesus name. The Mission Helpers are covering a lot of places being split up into teams. The days consist of a lot of traveling but it is definitely worth it. His words will definitely not come back void.

Seeing our Indian brothers and sisters is awesome. I would never trade this experience. The pastors of the BELC are so with the Lord they talk enough English so that we can talk quite freely. They make sure we have plenty of bottled water and food and their wives seem eager to cook for us. They give us very large portions more than we can eat.

Well it is time for me to get ready for Pastor Ohlmann to return to pick us up to teach. Keep us in your prayers, they are definitely being heard and are in action.

Your Christain Sister Jackie

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