Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Katie Wiechmann

We are in Guntur now, and spent last night in a nice hotel. Then we all ate breakfast together in the little café here. We have all been in one group, but today our different little groups of 4 had to split up, so Pastor Ohlmann, Pastor Gantt, Steve, Josh, Mike, Jackie, Joey and Carly took off in the van to go to other spots. It was so sad to see them go, but there are just so many people here to haven’t heard about our Savior, so I guess the more places we can spread out to the better.

Our little group of Pastor Matt, Mr. Peter, Dorena and I just kind of hung out for a while in the hotel, figuring out what we’re doing for lessons, getting picture props ready, and eating lemon and pineapple chicken for lunch :). It’s such a sobering thing to be dealing with the saving words of Jesus, and exactly how to present them to these people who may have never heard and may never have another chance to hear about the God who loves them. We just pray that God will work in their hearts in spite of our failings and mistakes. It’s just so sad to see the thousands and thousands who have been deceived by Satan and are heading for destruction. It feels like there is no way to even make that much difference with so may people who are so poor physically and spiritually, but the Lord promises that His word won’t return to Him void, and also that He loves all people. So all we can do is trust and follow Him, and He will increase the fruit.

Winding through the little country villages, there are so many tall palm trees, and quaint little huts with woven roofs, and water buffalo, and most of all the beautiful brown people who live their lives here in this poor place.

We arrived at a certain spot in amongst a little village, where we were to have our very first VBS. The people warmly welcomed us, and gave us sodas. The little kids started to gather, and it was so cute to watch them wave and giggle and interact with each other. They are so friendly to us, even though we’re strangers. We got to do the song “Our God is so Great” with actions for them, and we also did some hymns. More and more people gathered around us, and then it was finally time to start. We each went through our lessons, and tried our best to help the people understand God’s love for them, but it was a little hard to try it for time, because you feel like you should same more to explain exactly what you’re telling them, since the message is the most important thing they will ever hear. But God helped us through, and Pastor Matt wrapped it up with some questions, and then we handed out gum and crosses.

The people are so hungry for Jesus and to hear what we say. There were many who asked for special prayers, and it’s so sad how they are so needy, but yet so zealous too. Dear Jesus, please help them to feel your love, and give them faith.

We had a rainy drive back to the hotel, and Pastor Matt and Mr. Peter entertained us all with Indian jokes.

Katie Wiechmanns 18 July 2009

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