Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Stephen Eichstadt

These last two days have given me plenty of food for thought. Last night, we were teaching at a small church on the second floor of a building. An entire side of the building was open, and it allowed a nice breeze through the area. Mid-way through our lesson, the power went out! We then taught the rest of our lesson in the light of a single candle, and we had to periodically talk over the train as it went by. It brought to mind the story of how God came to Elijah (I think it was him...) on Mt. Sinai with a still, small voice. In this room, with all of the noise outside, and with very little light, the good news of Christ was being taught and learned! It wasn't very loud
or flashy, but it certainly was powerful! We taught in a very small church, which wasn't any bigger then a small bedroom. We packed everyone in there, and there were even people outside of the doors! We taught the stories, and shared the wonderful news.

It is always the case that when I leave after teaching, I have a big smile on my face! To see the children who are so happy to be learning, and to be teaching them the best subject possible is absolutely amazing!

Tomorrow we head out to yet another area, our last before we head back. We will spend 4-5 days teaching in that area, and then we head back to Chennai. The time is really starting to fly by now that we are actually teaching! God-willing, we will be reaching hundreds to thousands of more people in the next days with the Gospel!

In Christ,

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