Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Steve Eichstadt

We are finished up with our teaching. This is something which came to soon! I was just getting into teaching, and was starting to really enjoy presenting the Gospel to the children. Our last day of teaching was pretty neat! We taught two groups of children, and they were enthusiastic! There were shouts for the Lord, and singing His praises! The one thing which was the best was the way that we would stop our story when we came to an especially important part. For example, after proclaiming that Christ was born, everyone clapped and said "Hallelujah!" This made me realize how important these parts really are! Too often we go right past these parts, and just think, "Yeah, that's good..." We should be just as excited at the news of a
Savior!!! This is probably the biggest thing that I will miss. Hearing the "Hallelujahs" and the "Praise the Lord" when telling these wonderful stories.

Today we went and saw another Hindu temple. This is always sad, and makes me realize the incredible need for the Gospel here in India. Seeing these idols which can do absolutely nothing, makes me ready to proclaim the blessed news of our Savior! There are too many people here who have no knowledge of this blessed hope, and need to hear this message. So please pray that God's Word will reach all corners of India, and that more of God's children will come to faith!

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