Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Jackie Schwersinske

Hi everyone,

We made it!

I'm trying to make sense of a lot of this culture. The more we are here the easier it gets. Pastor Ohlmann is doing a wonderful job of explaining things as we go along. We travel a lot somedays it is a 9 hr. drive or more at a time. Our bodies are trying to a adjust to the time and all of our feet are swollen. We have some type of edema in the feet and ankles. But the Lord keeps us looking at the real reason for coming and that is to preach the Gospel. The first time will be today. We met many christian brother they treat us very well and are very happy we are here to support and encourage them. They love their Lord and Savior that is for sure.

We will talk to you soon and let you know how are first teaching lesson goes. We were told to expect 150 children.

In Christ,
Jackie Schwersinske

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