Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Carly Meyer

What an incredible week so far! I just love teaching the kids over here! They are all so eager to listen and learn about their Jesus! It's so encouraging to see. Our team has been blessed with a wonderful driver, Kumar, who gets us safely through the crazy streets of India. We also have D. Paul as our translator; words cannot describe what a blessing this man is from the Lord! He's so enthusiastic and excited for the spreading of the Gospel~ truly inspiring to be around.
Our days since we've been in Sri Kalahasti have been pretty routine. Pastor Ohlmann teaches in the mornings, and we girls get to do a little sight-seeing. Pastors Rajamani and Basker have been incredibly helpful in showing us around! They are delightful individuals to have with us! Yesterday we went to see a beautiful waterfall, which is also a destination spot for the Hindu pilgrims. We got to see lots of monkeys pretty up close!!! Pastor Rajamani got a kick out of seeing how excited we got over the monkeys. We saw another temple today, as well as a beautiful reservoir/dam. Then in the afternoons we'll teach for about an hour and head back to our hotel (usually about an hour's drive). We've gotten to do a little exploring around our hotel~ tonight we hope to check out a bizarre a few blocks over!
On Sunday night Joey, Jackie, and I bought sarees, which was fun! There were so many beautiful choices~ it took us about 45 minutes to finally decide! Then came the challenge of figuring out how to wear them. . .fortunately, Pastor Rajamani's wife was willing to show us. We'll see if we can actually do it on our own. It turns out we are invited to an Indian wedding on Thursday, so we are going to wear them then!
Thank you all for your prayers back home~ they are much appreciated! The Lord has definitely kept us safe under His watchful eye over here. While it is going to be hard to leave India, I miss everyone at home very much!

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