Wednesday, July 22, 2009

From Joey Reim

The last couple days at the Martin Luther Bible School have gone by quickly and eventfully, thanks in part to the secretary of the BELC, Pastor Rajamany, and his wife. Carly, Jackie and I had bought our own sarees Sunday night, the traditional women's clothing here. We brought them with us yesterday to the area where we were teaching and while Pastor Ohlmann was teaching his morning classes Rajamany's wife showed us how to put them on. Then she took us to a taylor to have them make shirts to go under them. Now we have our own sarees to wear later this week!!

Rajamany and his wife, as well as Pastor Bhaskar also took us to a tourist spot up in the hills yesterday with a stream and waterfall. They got a kick out of mine and Carly's excitement when we saw monkeys. They were immitating us and laughing. Rajamany is so much fun to be around! He loves to joke around and tease, and he lets his faith shine!

Today we were visiting the same area and while Pastor Ohlmann was teaching, Rajamany and Bhaskar took us to visit some of the sites in a nearby town. We visited a dam and then climbed up in the hills to a small hindu temple. I am amazed at how beautiful India is, despite the lack of sunlight! It is so green, and hills form a beautiful backdrop for the villages and fertile corn and sugar cane fields. When we thanked Rajamany and Bhaskar for showing us around they said they were happy to do it for us. They told us it is their way of saying thank you for taking the time to visit and share God's Word with them and their congragations.

It is so uplifting to see these people on the other side of the world proclaim their faith, knowing that we not only believe in the same God but also hear the same call from God to spread His word to the nations. Bhaskar, D. Paul, Rajamany, and the others have worked so hard to train pastors to send out and start churches for the thirsty souls in India. The people here are so in need of (and accepting of!) the Word! It is my prayer that God will move the hearts of many to increase support for missions so these pastor can get the resources they need to reach as many souls as they can. Their work is not in vain!

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