Monday, July 6, 2009

Ready for this Important Trip - Mike Naumann

About a year ago my dad asked if I'd like to give the Mission Helper Trip a try. I think my response was "Sure". To my shame, not the most zealous of utterances. I guess back then it just didn't seem real to me. It was too far off and I had my first year of college on my mind. Being only a couple of days from departure makes the whole thing seem a bit more important. But another thing has changed: my enthusiasm and strong belief in the importance of going on this trip. This is truly something to be zealous about.

Being a bit of a History nerd, I decided to read a history of India before going on the trip. Ever since the Indo-Europeans entered India (scholars think around 1700 B.C.), Hinduism and to a lesser degree, Buddhism have dominated the country. This trip is an opportunity from God to help bring the light to a country that sat in darkness for a long time.

Some Christian traditions say that Thomas was martyred in what is now an suburb of Chennai while trying to bring the gospel to the people of India, and it is to this very city we will fly in a week to help spread his word. God give us strength and wisdom.

Mike Naumann

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