Sunday, July 19, 2009

From Joey Reim

Today we traveled to the headquarters of the BELC and Pastor D. Paul's house, and we taught our lessons at both places. This was our second and third time teaching today, and I don't think it will ever get old. I've had to do several edits on my lesson to make it more suitable. Since teaching it the first day I've added some questions for the kids to keep them involved. They are very attentive through all four lessons! They seem to love the songs Pastor Ohlmann has taught them. It's wonderful to watch their smiles and laughter as they learn the motions for "If You're Happy and God Loves You." It seems to be God's way of reassuring us that we are doing His will as we spread His word to these people. Their excitement and interest in what we came to share with them is inspiring. The rooms have been crowded with children each time we taught, and adults crowd around the doors and windows to listen. God has moved these people to show love for His word, and I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to grow the seed of faith that has been planted in their hearts.

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