Sunday, July 26, 2009

From Dorena Wiechmann

July 20
I am so behind in writing things down – So much happens every day that it is difficult to keep up : ). Today was our first time of spending all day at the orphanage we had sooo much fun!!We made plaster of Paris figures for the kids to paint, played ball, duck duck goose, musical chairs, sand songs, and ran our little hearts out! The children are so loving and full of energy. Already we love them so much. We also had a very fun visit with Pastor Nireekshana, his wife Anne, and their little girls Prasasthi (Blessy) and Pradeephi (Mahnsy). Then we (Pastor Jyothi, Pastor Nireekshana, Peter, Pastor Matt, Katie + 2 of Pastor J+N’s nephews plus several others including faithful Barnabas – he is a very short slender man who is always doing something for someone) took off for the next village. As usually we were instant celebrities with all the dear little ones, who crowded around as we began the delightfully frustrating and sometimes hilarious task of communicating : ). It took probably an hour or two for the men to get the electrical system working so that we could show our Bible picture slides. One man had to climb up the electrical pole to rearrange the wires – they are so brave! After they got the electricity going it began to rain, so we all went inside and Peter showed the children the pictures that he had taken of them up on the big screen. It was so funny to watch them point each other out and laugh and then giggle in embarrassment when they own picture came up. The service went well except for when during the singing Peter happened to point out an innocent little gecko (hanging from the coiling) to Katie, who screamed. The children quickly caught on to the fun and kept pointing during the service to make sure Katie knew exactly when and where a gecko sighting occurred.

July 21
When the orphanage children returned from school we had lots more fun together. It is wonderful to be with them, but a little bit sad too because each one is so precious, and so in need of individual attention and love and I just wish we could keep them all! But God is doing wonderful things in their little hearts and lives and I am so glad that they are able to be at the orphanage. Several times I would play kick the ball with some of the little boys and a couple of times I accidentally kicked it so hard that it went up on the flat roof of the two story seminary and we all had to go tearing up the steps to retrieve it. One little boy though (he was about my favorite but I never got a handle on his name) would always come dashing up with his highly infectious smile , ball in hand, yelling “Sistah, Sistah!” and make fantastic gyrations with his leg, telling me in as plain of English as I have ever seen to send the ball back to seminary!

We had such a wonderful time at VBS tonight. The children are so energetic and eager to soak everything in especially the psalms. How I wish my own heart was always so open to my heavenly father teaching, and so humbly willing to learn. The service was out in the open air tonight – no geckos on the ceiling! But then during the service it began to rain. It looked as if we were going to have to pack up and leave, and Barnabas and I were trying to dehumidify the projector with an orange towel. The people all began to get up and leave and we were busy praying that the rain would quit. Suddenly Pastor Jyothi thundered, “Sit Down, Sit Down, the rain is going to stop!” and it did. The Lord is good, and we were able to finish the service just fine. After the services the people always come crowding up to us, saying, “Pray, Pray!” And wanting us to lay our hands on them and pray for them. It is such a precious thing to see – the friendly little girls, their dark faces framed by their best hair ribbons, coming first, the bare foot little boys coming shyly after, and finally the gentle and worn faces of the older people. It makes me feel so ashamed because of the elevation they give us, since I know my own heart, but I am honored by their love.

July 22
Another day that we got to spend playing with the children, and also visiting with the ladies. Lakshmi, Suranhukumari and Pastor Jyothi are teaching us a song to sing in Telugu.

Tonight was a very special night. There were many people at the service. And Pastor Jytohi told us there were Hindu people there as well as Christian. We are praying to our Heavenly Father that His word will, according to His promise, not return to Him void of the precious fruit of repentant hearts.

July 23
Right now it is about 5:00pm and we are on our way to Ongole. Sweetie is deriving our vehicle with Pastor Jyothi, Jack, Pastor Matt, Katie and me. Barnabas, Tinto, Tinko, and some others are following in another car with our luggugage. We are stopped at a railroad crossing to wait for a train. Barnabas and Tinto got peanuts at the little stand and our amusing themselves by placing peanut shells on the windshield of the car just out of reach of Tinko’s windshield wipers. They are so funny! We are on our way again now. Pastor Matt is hanging out of the window of our car taking pictures, and Tinto is hanging out the window of their car taking pictures of Pastor Matt : ). We stopped to take some pictures over a bridge and now as we drive there is a mountain looming in front of us. It is very beautiful.
This morning was our last morning at the hotel in Guntur, and our last time with all of our special new friends in Nidubrolu. It is hard to say goodbye to everyone, because I don’t know for sure if I will see them again until heaven. It is amazing how close you can become to people of a different culture, background, and language in just a few short days. The common faith in our Lord Jesus and the love of Christ in our hearts is a very strong tie. We just made it to Ongole, so I will write more later!

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Betty Lou said...

Dorena and Katie

It was so wonderful to read your comments, and know that Jesus is truly working through you to bless the hearts of the people in India.

Aubrey got home yesterday. It is FABULOUS to have her HOME!!

Betty Lou