Saturday, July 18, 2009

From Stephen Eichstadt

Well, after getting over the intial shock of being in a different part of the world, I am actually starting to enjoy it more! Last night we had a welcoming ceremony at the CLCI orphanage. This was quite the event! We were honored, but more importantly, our Lord was
praised. These praises took the form of singing, dancing, Bible readings, and sermons. While I could not understand all of the events since they were in Telegu, it was still obvious that we were all praising God. We were actually late for this event, it ended up starting at around 8:30, and it lasted 3 hours! Once we were done with that, we made it back to the hotel. At this time it was close to 1 AM!

Even though it had been another full day, it was difficult to get to sleep! The songs were going through my head all night, and I even woke up in the morning with one them still going through my head!

We drove back to Nellore, another 4 hour drive, and checked into our motel. We actually have the evening to rest, before we start teaching tomorrow. We'll end up spending two nights here before moving on.

Through all of our travels, it is not hard to see how blessed we are to be living in a wonderful country! The condition which so many people here live in is sometimes hard to believe. However, the one good side to this is that it is very easy to see the stark contrast that those who have the blessed hope of Christ display. They don't seem to take for granted the blessing of having a Savior.

Thanks for all of you who are praying for us, and for the furthering of the Gospel here.
In Christ,

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